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Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon
zoom imageEarth Dragon 

Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon
Price $59.99
Sale Price  $39.58

Fantasy at its finest. This big and playful Earth Dragon is covered in micro-fiber plush with a scale patterned texture. Designed in a sitting position, the Earth Dragon is coppery brown. His two foot wingspan and soft spines down the back are in silky gold.

Movable mouth and tongue, front arms

Fun Facts:

  • The dragon myth is as old as recorded history. A Mesopotamian story tells that the heavens and earth were made from the body of a dragon whose blood became the human race.
  • The word 'dragon' is derived from the Greek 'derkomai' meaning 'to see.' Dragons are thought to be very sharp-sighted and sharp-witted.
  • In European lore, dragons are terrifying and greedy creatures; they live in mountain caves where they hoard jewels and gold.
  • In medieval stories, heroes and saints fight and slay these evil dragons. Modern tales more often portray dragons as holders of ancient wisdom and magic.

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