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Dragon Warrior III

Dragon Warrior III
zoom imageDragon Warrior III 

Dragon Warrior III

Dragon Warrior III
Price $36.99

Your father was a legendary hero of Aliahan who was killed by the Archfiend Baramos. Now, you are 16 years old and must continue your father's quest and destroy Baramos. However, you will not take on this challenge alone. Choose three allies from eight character classes. If you need to, you can change a characters class at any point in the game. Travel throughout the day and night to visit more than 40 castles, towns, villages, and shrines. Naturally, you and your friends will have to fight a large number of enemies while on this adventure. Luckily, there is an expanded list of spells, weapons, and armor to choose from. Try to get your revenge in DRAGON WARRIOR III.
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