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Dragon Tales - It's Cool To Be Me

Dragon Tales - It's Cool To Be Me
zoom imageDragon Tales - It's Cool To Be Me 

Dragon Tales - It's Cool To Be Me

Dragon Tales - It's Cool To Be Me
Price $9.95
Sale Price  $2.91

Focusing on accepting and accommodating differences." Not Separated at Birth" -- Zak and Wheezie are bickering over what they'll build for the new playground - the xylophone slide or the drum trampolines. When they wish they had separate bodies, Quetzal gives them some magic crystals -- and their wish comes true! But when Wheezie's slide collapses because she didn't follow directions, she misses Zak's patient input. Zak makes the trampoline so loose and saggy that Cassie and Emmy can't jump on it and he misses Wheezie, who always knows how to make things fun. "The Greatest Show in Dragon Land" -- The kids and dragons are really excited about flying to Wonder World amusement park. When they find out Zak and Wheezie have a broken wing and are unable to fly, however, they agree to accommodate their friends by walking there instead. "A Tall Tale" -- Eunice the unicorn, who is terribly near-sighted, has lost her glasses, and Max and Emmy join the dragons to help her find them. Max wants to steer Eunice so she can see where she's flying, but he's too small to climb up on her back. And when they spot an object that looks like her glasses, he's too short to reach it. Poor Max, who was already feeling frustrated about being too little to do the things he wants, feels even worse. "Dragon Sails" -- The group sets sail for Rainbow Canyon in search of a special rainbow-colored crystal to complete Cassie's shimmering crystal set. When Ord's heavy weight rocks their little boat and they all fall into the water, he's sad because he fears they'll have to continue on their adventure without him. He hates being so big! The gang solves the dilemma by crafting a bigger, Ord-size boat and off they go again. "Staying within the Lines" -- The Stickleback Mountains have lost their colors! They were washed away in a big rainstorm, so Quetzal puts the gang to work painting the scene. Max, who is not worried about staying within the lines, gets carried away with the blue he's using for the stream. As the river threatens to overflow, Emmy and Cassie finish off a boulder dam just in time. The five adventures in Dragon Tales: It's Cool to be Me! are linked by four songs, "Shake Your Dragon Tale," "Hello," "Zoo" and "Round & Round."
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