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Dragon Tales - Do the Right Thing [VHS]

Dragon Tales - Do the Right Thing [VHS]
zoom imageDragon Tales - Do the Right Thing [VHS] 

Dragon Tales - Do the Right Thing [VHS]

Dragon Tales - Do the Right Thing [VHS]
Price $9.95
Sale Price  $0.91

Zak's Song - The dragons summon Max and Emmy to help them locate the source of beautiful music they're hearing in Dragon Land. When they find the music-makers - the Do-Re-Mi birds -- the group is eager to join them in song. Rather than follow Zak's instructions to softly imitate their sounds, the others take an aggressive approach, only to panic the birds and force them into a hasty retreat.
Get Offa My Cloud - Emmy and Ord plant a garden and Cassie waters each plant with a single drop of Wonder Water to make them grow very big. fast! Max tries to "help," but uses too much Wonder Water. Instantly a huge sunflower shoots up into the sky taking Max along with it. He finds himself on a cloud with a tiny guy named Squink, and when the wind blows their cloud far from the stalk, it's up to Max to find a solution and rescue them both. By sprinkling the Wonder Water onto some seeds, he's able to grow a giant carrot, and they slide down it to safety. Squink pronounces Max his hero for solving their problem all by himself.
Much Ado About Nodlings - Max ignores Cassie's warnings to watch out for Nodlings in the grass and accidentally drives his toy bulldozer into a wagon the tiny Nodling gnomes are using to gather mushtrees. Initially Max is reluctant to take responsibility, but as he and the gang try various ways to fix the situation and none of them work, he begins to feel bad and becomes determined to do the right thing. He offers the trailer from his bulldozer as a replacement, and everyone is happy.

The three adventures in Dragon Tales: Do the Right Thing are linked by two songs, Shake and Silly.

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