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Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon

Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon
zoom imageBroken Sword: Sleeping Dragon 

Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon

Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon
Price $19.99
Sale Price  $2.99

The Adventure Begins...Product InformationGeorge Stobbart and Nico Collard are drawn into a terrifying conspiracy toharness an ancient power.  Brought together by fate coincidence and thecompelling mystery they will fight sinister forces uncover an ancientconspiracy and discover a fiendish source of pure evilLured into the steamy jungles of the Congo eerie castles in Prague the chickback-streets of Paris and the historic English village of Glastonbury the duomust unravel the mystery involving the 'Voynich Manuscript' which holds thesecrets of the ultimate evil power The Sleeping Dragon and save mankind. Product Highlights Stunning graphical presentation A unique and fresh approach to adventure gaming Control two characters: George and Nico Loaded with suspenseProduct Features Cinematic storytelling featuring a free-roaming camera and stunning graphics. Interact with intriguing characters as you journey through your adventure. An epic adventure combining captivating environments and stimulating puzzles. An original orchestral soundtrack immerses you in the exciting gaming experience.Windows Requirements Windows 98 Me 2000 XP Pentium III 750MHz processor 128MB of RAM 8X CD-ROM Drive DirectX 8.1 compatible 64MB GeForce2 or equivalent Video Card DirectX 8.1 compatible Sound Card and Speakers 1GB Free Hard Drive Space Keyboard Mouse Analog GamepadRecommended Requirments Pentium III 1.2GHz processor Sound Card with 5.1 Surround Sound Support GeForce4 Ti 4200 or Equivalent Video Card 
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