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Blood of the Dragon

Blood of the Dragon
zoom imageBlood of the Dragon 

Blood of the Dragon

Blood of the Dragon
Price $13.99
Sale Price  $10.98

In the time of the ancient gods, dragons ruled the skies and kingdoms rose and fell at the end of a sword. Legendary quests beckoned with the promise of danger and glory, and only a brave few dared to answer the call. For honor and vengeance they ventured forth with steel and sorcery to combat the merciless legions of darkness. For it was said that those who answered the call were possessed of the warrior spirit, and the blood of the dragon flowed through their veins.

Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski have composed an epic soundscape of powerful orchestrations, chanting choirs, mystical melodies and medieval minstrel songs that sets the perfect mood as you traverse dark kingdoms ruled by wizards and warriors to battle alongside barbarian hordes, elven mages and knights of legend.
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